Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to get your free set (of 4) cards!

Hello all,

     how would you like to get some free cards from us? If you do, here are the requirements:

*Step 1- Go to our facebook page, and "like" us.
*Step 2- Comment on the current status.
*Step 3- If you want, invite your friends to join in on the fun!
*Step 4- Hurry this offer ends Febuary 4th!

What winner will have to do:

*Step 1- I will have the free "order" at our etsy shop, under their name
*Step 2- Buy now to claim your order (it will 100% free remember)
*Step 3- After receiving your package, simply leave feedback on on how we did!
     It's that simple!

Why am I do this? Since I am launching Febuary 9th, I need to ship my product to the lucky winner to get feedback on how it went through the mailing system, how quick we were in shipping, and the quality of the product, etc.


Some pictures of our cards! -More on our facebook page!!!!!

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